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We are a local community formed mostly by the majority of members from Zanzibar with some respectable colleagues living in the State of Washington, USA. Zanzibar is an Indian Ocean archipelago formed by two major islands, Unguja and Pemba, in the United Republic of Tanzania. This autonomous insular state of Tanzania, located on the east coast of Africa, has in several occasions witnessed huge waves of population migration destined to a number of European, Middle Eastern, and North American countries for several political, familial, and other socio-economic reasons. We are among the earliest arrivals who began to settle here in the State of Washington, USA dating back mostly from the early 1990s.


Our vision is to be empowered with human, financial, and technological resources and effectively mobilize community efforts to execute project activities that are beneficial to the society and promote opportunities for child, youth, and parental development in line with ZACUSA’s objectives for the USA and Africa.



Our mission is to step up our commitment to develop and support the spirit of togetherness in achieving an integrated and shared US-Zanzibari cultural, technological, and resource development endeavors that exhibit prosperity and sustain our community progress rooted from around the diverse civic outreaches, networking, and development cooperation.


Our Values

We are committed to our neighborhood values rooted from around the diverse civic, multi-cultural and educational development environment achieved from an integrated US-Zanzibari connection.


Who we are

Majority of our community members are natives of the famous Spice Islands of Zanzibar, Tanzania living and working within Seattle Metropolitan Region in Washington. Our newly-formed organization is headquartered in the City of Bellevue, WA.

Our Partners

We are open to specific community partnerships and other ventures that share similar commitments like ours, especially on child, youth, and women progress, recourse mobilization, neighborhood engagements, educational and development cooperation.

ZACUSA has established special relationships with Jubilee REACH of Bellevue, and shares a unique parallel with Tanzania-Seattle Community together with our friendly governmental, religious, and civic institutions in the State of Washington, USA.

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