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We are a local community formed mostly by the majority of members from Zanzibar with some respectable colleagues living in the State of Washington, USA. Zanzibar is an Indian Ocean archipelago formed by two major islands, Unguja and Pemba, in the United Republic of Tanzania. This autonomous insular state of Tanzania, located on the east coast of Africa, has in several occasions witnessed huge waves of population migration destined to a number of European, Middle Eastern, and North American countries for several political, familial, and other socio-economic reasons. We are among the earliest arrivals who began to settle here in the State of Washington, USA dating back mostly from the early 1990s.

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The acronyms ZACUSA represent the Zanzibar Community of Washington, USA. It was formed by about 100+ families, in Bellevue, WA and was officially established and incorporated by the State of Washington as a Non-For Profit Organization in January 1, 2016. Our Certificate of Incorporation is # UBI 603-563-587 issued by the Secretary of State of the State of Washington at Olympia. The organization was formed to promote the following key objectives:

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